Winter Swimming Pool Cover Solutions

Winter solutions : Reduced maintenance when the pool is not in use for long periods of time. Also enjoy reduced domestic costs and domestic maintenance requirements.

EnergyGuard GeoBubble Pool Cover

EnergyGuard is a high performance GeoBubble pool cover suited to the environmentally conscious pool owner who prefers to reduce the environmental impact of their pool.

Energy Guard GeoBubble Thermal Pool Heating Cover

The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Pool Cover

The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Pool Cover is the single most effective physical barrier for preventing child drowning when securing a pool.

Solid Safety Pool Covers

CoolGuard GeoBubble Pool cover

CoolGuard GeoBubble pool covers allow the water surface directly under the pool cover to stay cool and refreshing. This a popular pool cover in hot, tropical climates where air and water temperatures are similar. CoolGuard GeoBubble pool covers are also an effective way to shrink the carbon footprint effect through reduced water, power and chemical consumption.

CoolGuard GeoBubble pool cover

Pet Safety Pool Covers

Our range of pool covers offer safety features which can prevent pets from drowning.

Please note, however, that the only two pool covers
recommended for child safety are the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Pool Cover and the Starline Roldeck fully automatic swimming pool cover.

For pet safety,
choose from the swimming pool cover options below:

PowerPlastics Solid Safety Pool Cover

Starline Roldeck fully automatic pool covers

Solid Pool Cover with hooks and eyelets

PowerDome Pool Cover

LeafNet – PVC Mesh Pool Cover

LeafNet - Blue 55% Shade Cloth Pool Cover