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  • Pool Safety

    pool safety

    * Child pool safety and the best cover choice for Spring - PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

    * TopStep, the home of pool safety. Learn more about child drownings

    * Introducing the Two-layer Inflatable Solid Cover with hooks and eyelets

  • Drownings are preventable

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    Drownings remain one of the top causes of unnatural death among children in South Africa, yet drownings are also preventable.

  • The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

    A snapshot of SA's leading safety cover

    * Certified as conforming with international safety standards, this cover supports weights of up to 220kg.

    * Pool covers have moved on from the archetypal hooks and eyelets covers which are typically hard to handle, especially by a single person. Our cover is part of a new generation of easy-to-use safety covers that incorporate a far superior system of tamper-proof battens that rest on the coping and ratchets that create the required tension.

  • New! The Two-layer Inflatable Solid Cover

    User-friendly pool cover designs have come a long way and while our leading solid safety cover does away with traditional hooks and eyelets, there are instances when this old-school fastening method is still applicable. Where there are on-site constraints that prevent us from fitting a solid safety cover with a batten and ratchet fastening system, the new Two-layer Inflatable Cover with hooks and eyelets is the way to go!

  • Solid Cover with hooks and eyelets

    Don't need inflation? Meet the inflatable cover's cousin! The Solid PVC cover, also using the traditional hooks and eyelets fastening method, is a smart choice for pools with multiple levels or an irregular design that would make our other covers tricky to fit. It is typically left on the pool for extended periods and can require two people to operate it. This simple yet effective cover is available in Blue, Black, StoneGrey and Brown, and offers great value for money if you're on a tight budget.

  • About PowerPlastics Pool Covers

    PowerPlastics Pool Covers manufacture an innovative range of pool cover solutions, taking an insightful approach to product development and promoting a lifestyle choice, not just a pool cover. Our solutions are always innovative, directly addressing issues affecting South African pool owners. We have tailored a range of thermal pool covers in response to local crises including the ongoing electricity and water crises and the need to shrink carbon footprints in the domestic setting.