Pool Cover Roll up Stations

  • Easy Roll Roll up Stations for Solid Safety Pool Covers

    The removal of the PowerPlastics Solid Safety cover is relatively easy so a manual solution is a perfectly acceptable method of operation. It is therefore not necessary to purchase a Roll up Station. However, one of the key factors in preventing child drownings is to ensure the safety cover is quick and easy to put in place immediately after swimming and not a hassle. A motorised Roll up Station is the smartest way to achieve this. You may choose between Easy Roll or Safety Roll pool cover roll up stations.

    Easy Roll Motorised Roll up Station

  • Safety Roll Motorised Pool Cover Roll up Station

    Open or close the pool in seconds!

    Safety Roll is a motorised Roll up Station that attaches to the aluminium battens on the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover and effortlessly rolls the cover in or out, aiding use and providing correct storage for the cover when off the pool. Safety Roll ensures the cover is not dragged over the paving, avoiding abrasive wear and tear on the PVC.

    It is suited to PowerPlastics Solid Safety Covers measuring up to 6 metres wide.


  • Custom Pool Cover Roll up Stations

    custom pool cover roll up station

    PowerPlastics Pool Covers prides itself on being able to tailor products to specific requirements, including Roll up Stations. Chat to us about your needs and let us come up with an affordable and innovative solution!

    Custom Roll up Station on a PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

    The video below shows a custom Roll up Station on a PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover. A customer recently wanted a cover for his 15 metre long pool. The cover had to be easy to use and allow for one person only to operate it.

  • Geobubble Range - Jupiter Roll Pool Cover Roll up Station

    Where pools are over 7 metres in length, a cover can require extra manpower to operate. The Jupiter Roll up Station for thermal covers adds convenience as well as a cover storage solution.


    * Ease of use : Makes the cover easy to place on and remove from the pool.

    * Storage : Because the roll up station ensures correct storage, the pool cover’s lifespan is extended.

  • Geobubble Range - Mercury Roll up Station

    The Mercury Roll up Station is an excellent way to make a pool cover convenient to use and to ensure correct storage when the cover is removed from the pool. It is recommended for larger swimming pools, such as those found in schools and gyms.


    * Opens a large covered pool for swimming quickly and effortlessly.

    * Ensures correct storage of a large cover when removed from the pool. Thus prevents premature wear and tear, and extends lifespan.

    * Reduces the amount of water lost due to run off when removing a large thermal cover.

  • Geobubble Range - Roller Bench Pool Roll up Station

    Roller Bench allows extra functionality from a Roll up Station. This innovative new design has been likened to the concept of a letterbox, making Roller Bench our most compact manual Roll up Station yet, suited to all thermal covers. Favoured by gyms with lane covers and architects who wish to hide the workings of the Roll up Station, keeping the pool side neat and aesthetically pleasing.


    * Ease of use : Aids with the use of the cover.

  • Roll up Stations for School and Gym Pools

    Roll up Stations for school and gym pools : Aids with large pool covers and accommodates lane covers as well as pools with starter blocks in place.

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