Miscellaneous Pool Covers

  • Spa or Jacuzzi Shock Cord Pool Cover

    shock cord pool cover

    The Spa or Jacuzzi Shock Cord Cover adapts to standard sizes via an elasticated fastening system. The cover allows one to achieve the right tension with a system of elasticated cords and eyelets sunk in the decking or coping. Easy to use and lightweight, it completely seals off the water and reduces general maintenance.

  • Spa or Jacuzzi Solid Cover with hooks and eyelets

    This easy to use light weight Spa or Jacuzzi cover completely seals off the water and reduces general maintenance.

    We recommend using this cover in conjunction with a Thermal GeoBubble cover. The solid cover will then be the outer cover, preventing leaves and debris collecting in the water. The Thermal GeoBubble cover, lying in direct contact with the Spa or Jacuzzi water, will assist in heat retention.

  • Hardtop Spa or Jacuzzi Pool Cover

    hard top pool cover

    The Hardtop Spa or Jacuzzi Cover gives a more structured and aesthetically appealing finish to the Spa or Jacuzzi. With its built in thermal properties, it assists in heat retention, allowing heat pump settings to be lowered.

    This hard top Spa or Jacuzzi solid cover can be secured in such a way to prevent children accessing the water.


    * Reduces general maintenance.

    * Integrated thermal properties improve heat retention.

    * Water is kept cleaner and, on an outdoor Jacuzzi or Spa, water evaporation is reduced.

  • LeafNet Swimming Pool Cover – PVC Mesh

    black leaf net pool cover

    The PVC Mesh LeafNet pool cover leaves the water visible and gives an aesthetically pleasing clean finish.

    Eliminates water contamination by preventing leaves and debris from entering the pool water. Pool maintenance and chemical input is thus reduced. This is a popular swimming pool cover in winter periods and in leafy gardens which are frequently subjected to high level winds.

  • LeafNet Swimming Pool Cover – Blue 55% shade cloth

    blue leaf net pool cover

    The LeafNet Swimming Pool Cover (Blue 55% shade cloth) prevents leaves and debris from entering the pool. By eliminating water contamination due to debris, pool maintenance and chemical input can be reduced. This is a popular swimming pool cover for winter months and for leafy gardens that are subjected to frequent high wind conditions. The LeafNet pool cover is also a favorite when landlords are not resident at the pool location. Pool owners with small pets also prefer utilizing the LeafNet pool cover.

  • Solid Pool Cover with hooks and eyelets

    solid pool cover with hooks and eyelets

    This solid pool cover is an excellent way to shut down or winterize a pool for long periods and save on water, power and chemicals. Most importantly, this solid pool cover is not to be considered a child safety pool cover. Rain or sprinkler water may collect above the pool cover. This poses a risk to small curious children. For child safety, select the PowerPlastics solid safety pool cover instead.


    * Winterize the swimming pool: This pool cover is widely used as a way to hibernate a pool out of season.

  • CoolGuard GeoBubble Swimming Pool Cover

    coolguard pool cover

    The CoolGuard GeoBubble pool cover allows the water surface directly under the pool cover to stay cool and refreshing, making this a popular swimming pool cover in hot, tropical climates where air and water temperatures are similar. CoolGuard GeoBubble is also an effective way to shrink the carbon environmental footprint due to reduced water, power and chemical consumption.


    * Cooler water : Maintains comfortable cool water temperatures for refreshing swimming.

  • PowerDome Pool Covers

    powerdome pool cover

    PowerDome pool covers are the most affordable way to simulate an indoor pool, spa or Jacuzzi. This cover eliminates the need to build an enclosed structure or conservatory. Enclosed structures keep the ambient air warm and comfortable and shield pool water from heat loss due to wind, rain and natural heat transfer. In cooler weather and at night, you will no longer feel icy cold within the internal ambient air. The cover will completely revolutionize the way you use your outdoor pool, spa or Jacuzzi.